2 thoughts on “You are lucky to visit my blog because…

  1. Hi Hunter,

    You are interested in a lot of things that students in my class love doing. Some of my students bring their skateboards or scooters to school. Motorcross would be an expensive hobby to have. It is nice to have a hobby where you can keep building your skills. Do any of your classmates also participate in motorcross?


  2. Hi hunter this is my first or 2 time seeing your blog and I did not relies how awesome it is cause you have red words a black page and cause you have a awesome avatar and awesome learning on your blog and what you like is only a little bit what I like and yours and Reubens avatar made me smile cause it is funny. And I really like is you are lucky to see my blog because because it is cool very well made looks awesome cause I like your hobbies and they are most of my hobbes to and it not just your blog I like I also like you!!! And I still really like your blog.

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